Entertainment Industry Welfare

Steph is Australia’s leading specialist in Performance Welfare, Intimacy Coordination, Covid Safe Sets risk mitigation, On-Set Welfare education, and is a highly qualified performance coach and counsellor. With 30 years industry experience Steph is Founder of Intimacy Coordinators Australia, Co-Founder of Australasian Intimacy Coordinators Network, a Member of MEAA Equity Wellness Committee and Safe Sets International. Steph’s development of performance welfare practices has been globally recognised, with her multi-qualified knowledge in performance craft and mental health deeply informing her industry services.

Intimacy Coordinator

Steph has been a leader in safe and ethical performance practices since 2017. Steph founded the first registered Intimacy Coordinators Australia to educate the Australian industry on this role, along with comprehensive Performance Welfare for psychological, sexual, nude, violent, trauma, MH conditions, and content with minors. She has taught on performance welfare at WAAPA, JMC Academy, the National Theatre Drama School, and worked on many productions during Covid 19 including Adult TV Series 5 Bedrooms for Paramount +, Teen TV Series Itch 2 for ABC Me,  horror thriller The Girl At The Window with Rahda Mitchell, feature film Petrol for Rob Connolly’s ArenaMedia, covered IC and Covid Safety for The Saturday Dresses and the coming of age film Prawn… with further projects slated for 2022.

On-Set Welfare

Production and On-Set Welfare is respectful and follows diversity and inclusion best practices. A production safe-set welfare framework can be integrated into a variety of settings and cohorts to create a supportive and healthy workplace. Covid Welfare RMP’s are inclusive of physical and mental performance risk aversion with welfare first aid contingencies, HOD training, safe-set Performer Welfare  and Intimacy Coordination for streamlined production functioning during the pandemic and beyond. Bespoke entertainment industry services are developed on request for large scale, remote or touring productions.

"Steph is a leader in her field..." HUGH JACKMAN, OAM.

Performance Wellbeing


Role & Scene Coaching

Steph’s deep understanding of actors, acting methods and shaping performance is comprehensive. Steph expertly guides actors to discover their most honest performances through holistic, engaged coaching. Steph’s understanding of acting craft and acting psychology is world class, with testimonials from the likes of Hugh Jackman and a network of directors and actors.

Actor Welfare

Steph teaches actors how to be ‘job fit’. Her empathic, understanding and respectful care of actors supports them in the integrated challenges of their work and personal life. Steph’s network of associates forms a complete health care team for actors and she works with production companies to provide set-based actor wellbeing supports.

Career Support

Steph supports actors and performers to engage in positive habits and coping mechanisms to build career and on-set resilience. Vulnerability sits at the core of an actor’s craft while resilience sits as a necessity for their careers. Steph expertly helps actor’s tackle issues of confidence, performance anxiety, emotional and mental health barriers to enable performers to feel professionally and personally empowered.